Work With Revive the Red Tent!

Please collaborate with us! Photo is post-performance of Solstice by Alex Gagne-Hawes.

Please collaborate with us! Photo is post-performance of Solstice by Alex Gagne-Hawes.

Poster text: Revive the Red Tent Open Call for Proposals and Collaborators. Especially interested in local dance/movement, Theatre of the Oppressed, anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-human works that subvert the patriarchy and its false gender binary.

We’re ready for a big new season! Please send an email to introducing yourself–can’t wait to meet new artists!

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Happy Holidays!

And a very happy holiday season to you from Revive the Red Tent!

We look forward to growing, sharing and creating with you in the coming year!

882435_580637954818_451354214_oCheers and Love,


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RtRT Radio Hour is Taking Off!

We’ve been getting rave reviews! Here’s one of our recent episodes, as broadcast every Thursday on KSUA 91.5 FM! 

This Monday December 9th we’ll be recording two more shows from 5:30-7 pm, please swing by KSUA studios at the University of Alaska Fairbanks if you’re interested in joining in!

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Fairbanks Dance Scene Gets Slinky

The newest board member of Revive the Red Tent, Jill Shipman, recently helped produce a belly dance show in Fairbanks, Alaska. She was only too happy to let us know how it went! Cheers all, Anna GH

In November, Cold Fusion Tribal Dance hosted the Queen of Slink herself, Deb Rubin, for a weekend of dance therapeutics, modern tribal fusion dance technique and performance.

Deb Rubin is an internationally acclaimed tribal fusion belly dance artist from the San Francisco Bay Area and the founder of SattyaBody Women’s Health (  She teaches around the globe, fusing women’s mental and physical health with empowerment through yoga, tribal fusion belly dance, and creative expression. The “Slinkfest” workshop weekend focused on Deb’s unique blend of Dance Therapeutics, designed to increase flexibility, promote conditioning and proper technique; all crucial to longevity in any dance practice. Many workshop participants were amazed by the improvement they saw in their bodies and quality of dance movements in just a few short workshops and I, myself, was taken by the energizing power of backbends. Decidedly my new superpower that I will call upon to keep myself going through the long, cold, winters in Fairbanks. The Dance Therapeutics and Glitch technique workshops were a resounding success and we already have requests to bring her back to Fairbanks for another round!

photo2Deb Rubin, internationally acclaimed tribal fusion belly dance artist.

Voodoo Moon showcase featuring Deb Rubin! 

This fall we decided to combine an intensive workshop weekend with one of the biggest dance shows of the year. No small feat my friends, but we like a good challenge. Voodoo Moon is Cold Fusion’s signature fall showcase where dancers and performance artists have the opportunity to show off their edgier, noir creations.  The night featured the illustrious Deb Rubin and was a mixture of haunting and mysterious beauty with dancers from around Alaska including the likes of Dance Revolution, Friends in Dance, Opal Scarab, Tribal Wallah, Tundra Caravan, hula-hoopers, soloists and other group collaborators.

photoJillazanne and Brighton Brooks of Cold Fusion performing a theatrical duet “Fragile Nightmares” that grew out of their collaboration on “The Luxury of Suffering”, a Revive the Red Tent production.

The support from the community was evident in the tremendous turnout we had at the show. Even despite the recent snow-apocalypse, we had a packed house at Dance Theatre Fairbanks and the energy and enthusiasm from the crowd was palpable. In the future, we hope to continue the growth of the show, adding more production value, such as more sophisticated lighting. Many thanks to all the performers, technical personal, supporters and audience members that made the show a great success! We greatly look forward to making it an even bigger and better production next year.

If you are interested in participating in the next Voodoo Moon production or in any future tribal dance workshops please contact Jill Shipman at

Jill Shipman (Jillazanne) co-directed The Luxury of Suffering and is a new Revive the Red Tent board member. Jillazanne teaches belly dance and theatrical movement with Opal Scarab Dance, is a performing member of Cold Fusion, and is currently studying theatrical creature design with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

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A Spook-tacular Improv Show!

improv102813 014Boo! Happy Halloween everyone! We love Halloween—a time of year when you can stretch your imagination and become anyone you want for an evening. In fact, Halloween is a lot like improv!

To celebrate, the First Friday Players are returning to the stage after a summer hiatus. We are again teaming up with the wonderful people at Barnette Magnet School to offer a slightly spooky, family-friendly show on Friday November 1 on the Barnette stage (1000 Barnette Street). The show begins at 7:30—come early and get some popcorn and find a seat and settle in to laugh and shout out suggestions to guide our show. See you there!!


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ildsjael – Fire Souls

A huge thanks to Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy for the blog post this week!


The Danish word ildsjael has no direct English translation.  Ildsjael are fire souls.  They are individuals who are passionate and caring and driven.  They get things done.  They have the vision and they have the capacity to work to make it happen.  They are the people whose presence makes a project glow.

To hold both the vision of what could be, the clearly imagined intention of what the future holds or of what could fill this space AND ALSO to put in the time and the work on each small step is what creates the heat that lights the fire.  The endurance and dedication to the work and the inspiration of the vision combined create the inviting glow that people are drawn to gather around.  The fire soul exists within a community, not as a hermit.  Not every artist or designer or producer has this sort of fire.  But some do.  And it only takes a couple to make a venture thrive.

Here in Fairbanks, I sometimes think we have a disproportionate number of these individuals.  We are hundreds of miles distant from any other dense congregation of  people and we have our long winters.  I think this draws out the fire in peoples’ souls.  We make our own art, our own community, our own culture.  We are local, we are independent, and we are collaborative.  And the heat and the light these fires produce warms many cold hearts and minds.

I feel very blessed to know so many fire souls.  I’m so honored that so many of them have come to gather around this little theatre company I helped dream up more than eight years ago now.   There are so many amazing people doing amazing work in Fairbanks.  The board members of Revive the Red Tent are some of the most dedicated and inspiring ildsjael I’ve ever had the privilege to work with.  They get amazing things done.

Revive the Red Tent is hosting our second annual “Theatre Party” this year.  In the spirit of collaboration and with the intention of drawing community around the bonfire of art that thrives in this town, this year begins the tradition of celebrating all the arts.  You’ll hear about theatre, about fine art, about dance and more.  If you’ve got a fire in your soul and it is inspired by storytelling, theatre, social justice, global healing, or human empowerment, join us November 10th and talk to one of the members of the Board to find out more about collaborating with us on your project.

Jasmine Johnson-Kennedy is the co-founder of Revive the Red Tent Productions. She is an artist, a homesteader and a certified Kripalu yoga instructor in Fairbanks, Alaska.

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Alex went to Portland!


Alex went to Portland this September. A dance company called bobbevy was choreographing an original work and wanted him to design lights for it. He is very thankful to Katie Nolen, Phillip Kraft, Sara Post, and too many other beautiful artsouls to name.


The piece was called this is how we disappear and was presented as part of the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s Time-Based Art Festival, “a constellation of individual visual art projects that explore the elusive concept (and frequent invocation) of ‘community’ in contemporary art.” 


this is how we disappear followed a woman on a journey through endless forest.


A man joined her.


Art design David Stein, choreography Suniti Dernovsek.


Projection design/motion-tracking by Brian Patterson.


this is how we disappear was reviewed by the Portland Mercury (” . . . gorgeous . . . sensual . . . excellent . . . “) and the Portland Monthly (“simply a beautiful dance”).

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