Artist Spotlight : Teal Booth


Teal has been an amazing aid in this fall’s The Enduring Fountain Medicine Show (performs tomorrow at 8 pm). She is a visual arts major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

TealBooth_The harpist_2013-4

Teal can be found absorbing inspiration in and around the community, creating “happy accidents” out of various acts of play. Her works create a meeting between tangible human forms and shapes that come out of washes of ink and paint.

TealBooth_Spins-4 TealBooth_Koan_2011-4

She works with spontaneous acts, layering and removing paint, actively rotating a work and re- examining it so that the final product comes together in an unexpected way. On occasions she works from live moving figures, such as musicians in the act of performing, and attempts to create an overall impression of the moment using gestural figures.

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