The Enduring Medicine Show Welcomes Green Tara

“Green Tara first bewitched me at the Marlin and this summer she’s wowed audiences at my Light House shows,” Vaudeville Director Alex Gagne-Hawes said jovially, before insisting that both nouns in his title be capitalized. “For this project we’ll be using the honky-tonk songs that Ms. Tara has mastered as a base for performances of spoken word, shadow plays, and puppetry. Their heart-broken joy for me really echoes the wistful, lusty transformation of fall. The revelation of bare branches and fall colors before snow stores life away.”

“I want to emphasize from the beginning,” Gagne-Hawes continued calmly, sipping from a warm mug of lemon-ginger tea, “that this show will be Pay-What-You-Will at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. This is a core principal of Revive the Red Tent. Without accessibility art is only another privileged oppression.”

“Also,” still calmly, folding a paper crane with one hand, “I have a medicine that will cure all ills. It’ll be for sale too and I guarantee you it’s worth the price.”

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