Theatre Party This Sunday November 23rd

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Revive the Red Tent announces Third Annual Theatre Party!

For the last two years Revive the Red Tent has celebrated theatre and performance in Fairbanks with a fun, friendly, and accessible Theatre Party! This year we will be returning with a third great event featuring high-caliber original art from around Fairbanks. Performers will include Tara Chrisman, Alex Gagne-Hawes, and other talented artists to be announced!

 In addition to great performances the evening will feature information about theatrical opportunities over the coming year, both with Revive the Red Tent and other organizations, a letter-writing station to help save TheatreUAF, and a screening of Portland performing troupe bobbevy’s this is how we disappear as presented at the 2013 Time-Based Art Festival in Portland, Oregon. Party is meant for newcomers and veterans of the Fairbanks theatre scene alike. A fun chance to get together and celebrate a great art & great community.

 The event will be held Sunday, November 23rd, at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine located at 3039 Davis Road, Fairbanks Alaska. Entrance will be by donation – like all Revive the Red Tent events this party is Pay-What-You-Will at the door. This is a family-friendly event.

 The Theatre Party will start with a potluck meet & greet from 5 pm until 6 pm. Performances will be presented from 6 until 7 pm.

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Informational Meeting Resisting Columbus Day

CD Info Mtg Flyer

Hello All,

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting opportunity for protest art that Revive the Red Tent will be sponsoring this coming Columbus Day. As we all know, Columbus Day celebrates an individual that was responsible for mass genocide and systematic atrocities against Native American peoples.

Revive the Red Tent is going to be sponsoring a 35 minute performance art piece on October 13 (Columbus Day) in the Wood Center on campus. The performance art piece will be heavily based on butoh movement and will involve basic costuming.

We’ll be having an introductory meeting on October 5th (Sunday) in the Great Hall on campus at 1 PM.

Are you interested? Show up, learn the plan and see if you want to be involved!

Interested but unable to attend? Send an email to and let us know!

Please forward this to anyone you think would be interested in this opportunity – no experience is necessary in order to participate!

Thank you all!

 – Revive the Red Tent

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Artist Spotlight : Teal Booth


Teal has been an amazing aid in this fall’s The Enduring Fountain Medicine Show (performs tomorrow at 8 pm). She is a visual arts major at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

TealBooth_The harpist_2013-4

Teal can be found absorbing inspiration in and around the community, creating “happy accidents” out of various acts of play. Her works create a meeting between tangible human forms and shapes that come out of washes of ink and paint.

TealBooth_Spins-4 TealBooth_Koan_2011-4

She works with spontaneous acts, layering and removing paint, actively rotating a work and re- examining it so that the final product comes together in an unexpected way. On occasions she works from live moving figures, such as musicians in the act of performing, and attempts to create an overall impression of the moment using gestural figures.

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What’s happening in Fairbanks?

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The Enduring Fountain Medicine Show this Saturday, for one! But Revive the Red Tent tries to stay up on all the arts happening in town. Here are the resources we use.

1. The Fairbanks News-Miner‘s Latitude 58 insert & online events calendar.

A well-curated and attractive publication that covers most major artistic events in Fairbanks.

2.’s online events calendar.

Simple, straightforward website with easy submission.

3.’s online events calendar.

The Fairbanks Convention & Visitors Bureau has some fun low-key events that don’t advertise in the above sources.

Please comment below if we’re missing any comprehensive round-ups of What’s Going On in the Golden Heart City. Revive the Red Tent is all about building awareness and community, we don’t want to miss anyone.

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Enduring Fountain Medicine Show Trailers

Here are the trailers our Technical Director Alex produced for his vaudeville:

“Shot in one night, I wedged an extension ladder in among my basement’s joists and taped the camera to it.”

“Such a pleasure working with Lorien, Teal, Tara, Marley, Joe, Sarah, Adam, and so many other beautiful people producing a really remarkable piece of theatre!”

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The Enduring Fountain Medicine Show Poster


For September 13 performance. [ IMAGE : “the Enduring Fountain Medicine Show SATURDAY 9/13 8 PM UAF Fine Arts Building Revive the Red Tent Pay what you will at the door Suggested Donation $10 ]

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The Enduring Medicine Show Welcomes Green Tara

“Green Tara first bewitched me at the Marlin and this summer she’s wowed audiences at my Light House shows,” Vaudeville Director Alex Gagne-Hawes said jovially, before insisting that both nouns in his title be capitalized. “For this project we’ll be using the honky-tonk songs that Ms. Tara has mastered as a base for performances of spoken word, shadow plays, and puppetry. Their heart-broken joy for me really echoes the wistful, lusty transformation of fall. The revelation of bare branches and fall colors before snow stores life away.”

“I want to emphasize from the beginning,” Gagne-Hawes continued calmly, sipping from a warm mug of lemon-ginger tea, “that this show will be Pay-What-You-Will at the door. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. This is a core principal of Revive the Red Tent. Without accessibility art is only another privileged oppression.”

“Also,” still calmly, folding a paper crane with one hand, “I have a medicine that will cure all ills. It’ll be for sale too and I guarantee you it’s worth the price.”

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